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Payroll Setup

Our small-business payroll solution doesn’t just ensure employees are paid the right amount, on time, we also protect you from any liabilities by making sure that all legal rules have been followed.

Working within guidance from HMRC we will deliver an easy solution for your business every month.


Weekly/Monthly Bureau

At HDH Accountants, we offer an easy to use solution that allows you to automate tasks and reduce the amount of time needed when processing payroll. We have the perfect tool for accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaus to manage their payroll clients. We have no unnecessary limitations or pointless restrictions on what you can do. Just ask us your question!


Auto Enrolment/Pensions

From October 2012, all businesses, regardless of size, have to legally enrol automatically all employees into a workplace pension scheme. We can help guide you on this process. Meeting the ‘auto-enrolment’ requirements is known as ‘Day One Compliance’. Get in touch to understand your auto enrolment obligations and discuss how HDH can help you.


Contractor IR35

With our Knowledge of the IR35 legislation (Inland Revenue 35), we can provide an improved service to contractors or clients by guiding them within the rules. We will work with the four specialist IR35 teams HMRC has dedicated to tackling all enquiries. If you are unsure where you fall within IR35 and what you need to do, contact us and let us help you.

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