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Orchestra Tax Relief

The Orchestra Tax Relief is available to both commercial and charitable companies assembling orchestral concerts, given that they have been incorporated in the UK. Even if your company is not filing Company Tax Returns at the moment, it can still qualify for Orchestra Tax Relief. An important benefit of this particular tax relief, compared to others awarded to creative industries, is that it does not necessitate a cultural test: your company or your concert are not limited by target audiences or performance requirements, such as what is being played, or how musically gifted your orchestra is.

Orchestra Tax Relief Eligibility

 ‘Does My Company Qualify?’

Here are some of the main eligibility criteria for Orchestra Tax Relief: 

  • Your company should spend at least 25% of its main costs on goods and services from the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Your enterprise should be the one handling the creative and technical decisions during the production phase, and for the set-up and closing of the concerts – and be responsible for the concert from start to finish
  • The main focus of the show must be the instrumentalists, and the performance should be mainly or fully performed by human beings, be it either an entire orchestra, ensemble, group of band
  • A minimum number of 12 instrumentalists is required, and most of the instruments must not be amplified electrically
  • The concert must meet the commercial purpose condition: the majority of the live performance should be intended for a paying audience or provide educational motives

Orchestra Tax Relief Additional Information

If your company is an unincorporated association or a trust, then they cannot currently claim this particular tax relief. If you would still wish to proceed a claim, then you will need to set up a separate company, or change your current company’s structure, but this is a decision for each orchestral enterprise to make.

If you put on a concert every single year, you can claim every single time.

A concert will not qualify if its main purpose is to promote or advertise any services or goods, or if the performances are part of a contest. Similarly, if the purpose of the concert is to create a recording, it can also not qualify for Orchestra Tax Relief. If you would like to have multiple concerts handled as a single one, you are required to indicate the date of such election in your return. Such a decision must be made before the first concert in the series and sent your email to: creative.industries@hmrc.gov.uk

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Orchestra Tax Relief Documentation Requirement ​

The core expenditure for the Orchestra Tax Relief includes production costs, any exceptional running costs and closing the production costs, which can include rehearsal time, for example. HMRC requires that you also provide, on top of the breakdown of costs by category and a separation of the core expenditure split by EEA and non-EEA, the names and addresses of the venues for each performance.  

UK Expenditure

Provide statements of your core expenditure which are clearly outlined as either UK or non-UK expenditure.

UK Expenditure

Provide statements of your core expenditure which are clearly outlined as either UK or non-UK expenditure.


Expenditure breakdown should be categorised.


Expenditure breakdown should be categorised.

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