Museums And Galleries Tax Relief

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Museums And Galleries Tax Relief

The Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief is available to newly instituted permanent and temporary exhibitions put forward by either charitable companies, trading subsidiaries of charitable companies or companies owned by local and governmental authorities.

This particular creative industries’ tax relief is different from all of the rest because of several reasons: it is not open to commercial companies, it takes into account the separation between primary and secondary companies, there is a limit to the amount of money that can be claimed back and the law includes a sunset clause.

Museums And Galleries Tax Relief

 ‘Does My Company Qualify?’

Here are some of the main eligibility criteria for Museums And Galleries Tax Relief: 

  • A company qualifies if it is the primary or secondary company handling an exhibition; if it is a charitable organisation which maintains a gallery or a museum; it is a company owned by a charity organisation also owning a gallery or a museum; or is a company entirely owned by local authorities that also support a museum or a gallery
  • If a company falls under the company tax regime even if it’s not currently filing tax returns, it can still qualify for Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief
  • The primary company that handles the exhibition must make an artistic, creative or technical contribution through its installations, be directly involved in the decision-making and planning stages, and be in charge of producing and running the exhibition at a set venue
  • For any one exhibition, only one primary company can be in charge, and it must also actively negotiate, contract and pay for goods and services related to its projects
  • An exhibition qualifies if it is a curated display of a single object or art work, or a collection of works, appraised to hold cultural, scientific or historical value and interest
  • The exhibition, from the beginning stages of its planning until it opens to the wide audience at large, needs to be free and not charge an admission fee
  • At least 25% of its core costs must be spent on services or goods coming from within the European Economic Area (EEA)

If you plan on touring with your exhibition, you must meet some extra requirements: 

  • The production company must intend the exhibition from touring from the planning stages, and this primary company must be in charge of the Corporation Tax
  • The exhibition will have to be hosted at more than one venue, at least 25% of the displays showcased at the first venue must also be displayed at every other place toured
  • The primary company must be the one responsible for the exhibition at least at its first venue
  • No more than 6 months should have passed between uninstalling the exhibition at one venue and installing it at the following one

Museums And Galleries Tax Relief Additional Information

Core expenditure includes any costs spend on producing the exhibition, as well as uninstalling costs for the exhibition if it’s open for less than a year. Examples of related costs include transportation costs and equipment rental, as well as research and curator cost. Marketing or legal advice costs, storage and the ordinary running costs of a gallery do not qualify as core expenditure.

You cannot claim for Museums and Galleries Tax Relief is your exhibition is organised in relation to a competition, or if its main purpose is the sale of the displayed art objects. Unless a live performance by a person is incidental, an exhibition that has at its centre alive displays cannot be considered for tax relief.

Since the Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief is claimed via the Company Tax system, a claim will be processed through a Company Tax Return, or an amended version of it.

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Museums And Galleries Tax Relief Documentation Requirement ​

To file for your Museums And Galleries Tax Relief you will need the following documentation: 

UK Expenditure

Provide statements of your core expenditure which are clearly outlined as either UK or non-UK expenditure.

UK Expenditure

Provide statements of your core expenditure which are clearly outlined as either UK or non-UK expenditure.


Expenditure breakdown should be categorised.


Expenditure breakdown should be categorised.

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